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  Foreign Students Department :

 Foreign Students Department was founded as special division of University to organize admission, registration and educational process for foreign students.
   Our University started preparation of foreign citizens since 1946. From that year more than 3500 foreign citizens from 96 countries have received M.D. degree and diplomas of the Physician at our university. Our graduates successfully work in their own countries as well as in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Sweden. Some of them, having completed a postgraduate study and receiving PhD degree, become chief specialists in their own countries.

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  Faculties at the University :  
There are three Faculties at the University:
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Our graduates, graduates from other higher medical schools and medical specialists have possibility to continue their study on Postgraduate Education Department.

Since 2001 English Medium Department exists in our University. Its educational program is similar to that of the General Medicine Department, but students are able to get all necessary information and knowledge using their native language. They also study Russian according to the University Program in order to have possibility to communicate with patients in clinics.

To apply the English Medium Department contact us at: Medstudies@mail.ru

  Staffs of the International Department :  
Vice-Rector for International Affairs
MD, PhD, Professor,
Salman H. Al-Shukri
Dr. Salman Al-Shukri completed in our University, Faculty of General Medicine, and then he has specialized in the field of Urology and has defended candidate and doctoral thesis in the Urology Department. Some years he worked as the urologist in different countries. Professor Al-Shukri is an active clinician and one of the leading Russian specialists in urology and urological surgery. Now professor Al-Shukri is the director of the Clinic of Urology and the Head of the Urology Department of our University. Also he is a member of the European Association of Urology. He works as the Vice-rector for International Affairs of Saint-Petersburg Pavlov State Medical University from 1993. Under his competent direction during last years our university has expanded and increased international relations with many medical schools from different regions over the world. 

Dean of the Faculty for Foreign Students,
MD, PhD, Associate Professor,
Mavlet S. Vakhitov
Dr. Vakhitov has worked on the different positions at the Faculty for Foreign Students more than twenty years. He is one of the experienced specialists in our University in the field of the international medical education. He was appointed on the Dean's position more in 1993. His medical specialty is General Surgery. He is a full-time lecturer at the Department of General Surgery and well-known specialist in phlebology and lymphology.

Head of the International Department,
MD, PhD,
Michael V. Dubina
Dr. Dubina manages the International Department for the last three years and coordinates the fulfilment of the international scientific, medical and educational exchange programs of our University.

Dean of the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students,
MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Tatiana V. Vinogradova
Dr. Vinogradova has a very good experience of the work with foreign students. She began her work at the Dean's Office more than fifteen years ago. She was appointed to the present position from 1994. Her main function as the Dean is the organization of study at the Preparatory Faculty. She is not only the Dean; she is a full-time member of the Department of the Propaedeutics of Internal Diseases.

MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Petr P. Bel'tiukov
He works as Vice-Dean from 1989. Now, he is responsible for the medical practice, general problems of entrance testing, and insurance of students, post-graduate education and legal questions.

Vice-Deans for Foreign Students on study problems:
MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Sergey A. Dulov (in the specialty - General Medicine)

MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Dmitriy Yu. Alekseev (in the specialty - General Medicine)

MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
Nina A. Philippova (in the English Medium study program)

MD, PhD, Associate Professor
Vladislav Ya. Dubinsky (in the specialty - Stomatology)

  Structure of Fees :  
General Medicine:
      Tuition fee for Russian medium:
             Preparatory Course: (1 year) 2100$
             Medical Course: (6 years) 2600$ per year
     Tuition fee for English medium: (The preparatory course is NOT NEEDED for the English medium course)
             Medical Course: (6 years) 5300$ per year
             Preparatory Course: (1 year) 2100$
             Dental Course: (6 years) 2600$ per year
Other payments (fees)
  • Payment for Invitation (Visa) - 100$ US
  • Registration (entrance) payment - 200$ US
  • Service charge - 500$


  • Please, ask us concerning the structure of fees on postgraduate courses by e-mail: Medstudies@mail.ru
    Post Graduate fees depends on the specialty - from 3000 to 4500$ per year

    Emergency help and insurance:

    During the period of study outpatient care and medical observation is provided free of charge at the polyclinic of the University. Minimal required medical insurance payment is 100 $ US a year (including Preparatory Faculty).


    Double-room in a student hostel: 600$ per year for all students, including preparatory and postgraduate faculties.
    Students later having got adopted to the climate and the people in Russia could rent a flat near by the University, where the rent would come around 150$ - 200$ per month.
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      Admission Procedure for students from India :  
    The Medical Council of India has amended its rules and regulations with regard to admission procedure for students aspiring to get admission to MBBS course in a Foreign University, including Russia.  According to this new regulations any student, aspiring to undertake his/her MBBS course in any Foreign Medical Institutions Including Russia, after the 15th March 2002 shall take an eligibility certificate before departure to Russia from MCI to enable them to appear for the screening test, after obtaining the medical degree from abroad. The eligibility certificate is issued only to such candidates who fulfil the criteria of age of admission to the medical course and passing of qualifying examination (10+2 or equivalent or higher qualification) with the required percentage as follows: 
    He/she shall complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course.

    Candidate for admission to MBBS course must have passed in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English individually and must have obtained a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at  the qualifying  examination as mentioned in clause (2) of regulation 4. In respect of candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes or Other Backward Classes, the marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry and Biology taken together in qualifying examination be 40% instead of 50% as above.

    Medstudies Educational shall assist the students in obtaining the eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India before departure to Russia for Higher Studies.

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    **For more details please go through the Notification and Press note issued by the Medical Council of India in this regard Click here.

      Admission Procedure for students from Pakistan :  
    Registration Examination has been introduced by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council to help candidates who have studied abroad for getting their Foreign Degree (Basic Medical Degree) registered with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council. The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has constituted National Examination Board for Medical Graduates with its Head Office at Islamabad with a view to conduct registration examination. All foreign graduates will get registration immediately after passing the examination.
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    **For more details about the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Registration Examination for Foreign Medical Graduates Click here.
      Admission Procedure for students from Malaysia :


    • Registration with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) is according to provision Section 14 of the Medical Act 1971.
    • Application for full registration can be categorised into 2:
      1. Those who are undergoing Housemanship under Section 13 (2) of the Medical Act 1971 in this country ;
      2. Those who had undergone Housemanship overseas. For more details click here

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    **For more details regarding Universities recognised by the Malaysian Medical Association click here.


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