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  Post-Graduate training:


Our graduates, graduates from other higher medical schools and medical specialists have possibility to continue their study on Postgraduate Education Department. As far as the base of Postgraduate education is clinical practice, Russian language skills at professional level is necessary.  For applicants, who donít speak Russian, Preparatory Russian course is available.

Programs of postgraduate Education include:

        Internship      :  1 year program

        Ordinatura     :  2-4 years

        PhD program:  3 years with preparation of PhD thesis




Internal Medicine (General Medicine) Dermatology and Venereal diseases
Surgical Diseases (Surgery) Forensic Medicine
Psychiatry Otorhinolaryngology
Obstetrics and Gynecology Ophthalmology
Traumatology Anesthesiology and Intensive medical care
General Surgery Phthisiatry (Tuberculosis)
Maxillo-Facial Surgery Pathological Anatomy
Dentistry (Therapeutic Stomatology) Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics
Surgical Dentistry Urology
Prosthodontics Oncology
Pediatric Stomatology Radiology and X-ray examination
Pediatrics Nephrology
Infectious and tropical diseases Ultrasound Diagnostics
Neurology Cardiology









We offer you the possibilities to continue medical education by the following programs of post-graduate training. Study in the Post-graduate Department is available only in Russian Medium. If you don't know Russian Language, we offer special intensive course of Russian under instructions of experienced teachers. Don't hesitate to ask us about this course. All graduates, who know Russian, can start their study from September of each year. There are possibilities to organize individual programs if you cannot arrive here in time.

Dear Doctors,
If you haven't found the specialty that you are interested in, don't hesitate to ask us at: Medstudies@mail.ru

Since 2001 English Medium Department exists in our University. Its educational program is similar to that of the General Medicine Department, but students are able to get all necessary information and knowledge using their native language. They also study Russian according to the University Program in order to have possibility to communicate with patients in clinics.
To apply the English Medium Department contact: Medstudies@mail.ru
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  Structure of fees:  
Post-graduate training programs are variable. Here are internship for one year and clinical post-graduate training (ordinatura) for two or three years in therapeutic specialties and in surgical specialties. Another form of training - aspirantura (Internship) - three-year's scientific research in one of the offered specialties. All fellows, who have finished aspirantura have to defend (candidates) thesis. And, finally, doctorantura (or post-doctoral training) - usually for three years. All fellows, who have finished doctorantura have to defend (doctoral) thesis. Tuition fee for post-graduate training depend on educational level and form of training and corresponds to sums from 1600 to 5000 $ US per year.
Please, ask details of fees by e-mail at: Medstudies@mail.ru
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Other payments (fees):
  • payment for invitation - 100$ US
  • registration (entrance) payment - 100$ US (only for applicants from the preparatory faculty of other medical school during admission procedure)
  • minimal required medical insurance - 100$ US per year
  • One place in a double-room in a student hostel: 600$ US per year for all students.

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