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  Preparatory Faculty:

Dean of the Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students,
M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Tatiana V.Vinogradova

The Preparatory Faculty's aim is to train foreign students for further education in medical specialties. The pre-university course is a full-time course, preparing students to enter Medical University.
   The Dean of the Preparatory Faculty is Ass.-Prof. Tatyana V. Vinogradova The academic year lasts for 8 to 10 months and is divided into fall and spring sessions. Duration of study depends on the date of the student's arrival from September through November. The Program was designed specifically for international students. It assists students in all aspects of living and studying in Russia.

The Program of study includes:
  • General and specialized secondary education program
  • Pre-university training program
  • Russian language programs
  • Design-your-own program (to meet individual special needs of international students and professionals)

    The pre-university basic courses combine Russian language instructing with extensive training in study skills necessary for university level in Russia. The curriculum includes practice in lecture comprehension, note-taking, test-study procedure, essay and technical writing, text analysis, and library research skills.

    If you begin study from September through November you'll finish complete pre-university course to enter university in the following year.

    The following course are available in our pre-university course for specialties in Medical (Health) Science or Pharmacy

  • General/Academic Russian
  • Russian for special purposes, i.e. biology, chemistry
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Electives

       On a special individual basis we offer Russian Language courses with various duration. If you are interested in this study, don't hesitate to ask us about it. e-mail: Medstudies@mail.ru
       All Educational Programs are accredited by the official accreditation body in Russian Federation - Ministry of Education of Russian Federation.
    Usually, students have classes 6 hours each day, Monday to Friday and Saturday (4 hours)- for a total of 34 classroom hours, with an instructor, each week.
      Minimum requirements for Foreign Applicants:  
    You'll enter the Preparatory Faculty on academic performance. All intending students should have a proven record and/or certificate of complete secondary education. KNOWLEDGE OF RUSSIAN LANGUAGE IS NOT REQUIRED.
    After successful completion of Preparatory course students receive certificates to continue further education in our University and other medical Higher school of Russia.
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